BrO Ken

(party until you drop)

A young man considers suicide by the wrist. As if in a dream, his substance abuse escalates as he flirts with a knife. What will it take to cut? This is a look at someone who goes so far with his self-destructive behavior that he practically kills himself.

Es la historia de un joven que Intenta suicidarse.


Written and Directed by: Brian Demoskoff
Director of Photography: Mark Swaffield
Camera Assistant Redone 1º: Mathieu Bergeron
Camera Assistant Redone 2º: Benjamin Carter
Production Designer: Loretta Lipworth
2º Camera: Ben Demoskoff
2º Camera Assistant: Lucí­a Pan
Makeup: Eduardo Torrada
Production Manager: Nathan Carter
Production Assistant: Andrés Caamaño
Editor: Benjamin Carter
Costume Design: Nathan Carter
Sound recording: Lucía Pan
Music: ©Enrico Glerean
Soundtrack Mastering: Javier Álvarez
Post-production and Colour: Benjamin Carter
Colour Assistant: idNespereira
Tape Mastering: Jairo Aldana

Thanks to: Bar Reixa, Bar Camalea and Bar Caldeireria.
Also thanks to – Antón Couceiro “Cou”, Sonia Castiñeiras, Silvia Castaño, Carlos Blanco “Oblongo”, Rosy Maxi, Laura Formoso, Patricia Coto, Javier Pardo, Miki, Pablo Portero, Carlos Pérez, Sandra Noya, Tim Martin, Lilian Cerqueira, Sandra Diana, Inma Rua and all the clowns from CircoNove and Guergen.

Format: HD 2048×1024
Aspect Ratio: 2:1
Co Production: Brian Demoskoff and srMundo
Country: Spain
Year: 2013
Run Time: 7:04 mins.
Language: English/Spanish