2006, Curtametraxe // Shortfilm

Damn all intentions. Damn the expectations, illusions, calculations. Memories. Endings. Anguish, with its double-sided blades, anaesthetises everything at the same time as stripping the flesh from the shredded muscles torpidly glued to the bones that have been punished by humanity. A second ago the whispering of the leaves being caressed in the trees could be heard. All these are transitions of the possible to the real. Big invincible stones worn away by the friction of the stillness which makes everything move, organise, articulate, sink. Destroyed. Constant maladjustments between what is and what should be. Dreams. Emptiness. Bad smells. Putrefaction. Reversed souls, hung out in the afternoon breeze. Wakes. Resurrections. Hope. Toxic clouds poison the environment. Melodies. Tapping. Signs. Mould. Listen to me even if you are not allowed to do it anymore. Believe me when I tell you that I have always dreamt of this moment. Believe me when I say that I have always been here. Believe me when I say that I always wanted to come back. Please, believe me. Believe me, even if you are not allowed to do it anymore.

Malditas sean las intenciones. Malditas las expectativas, las ilusiones, los cálculos. Los recuerdos. Los finales. La angustia lo anestesia todo al tiempo que, con sus dos filos, se ocupa en descarnar los jirones de músculos torpemente adheridos a los huesos castigados por la humedad. Hace un segundo todaví­a se podí­a sentir el siseo de las hojas acariciándose en los árboles. Todas esas transiciones de lo posible a lo real. Grandes piedras invencibles desgastadas por el rozamiento del inmovilismo alrededor del que todo se mueve, se organiza, se articula, se hunde. Se destruye. Desajustes constantes entre lo que es y lo que tendrí­a que ser. Ensoñaciones. Vacío. Mal olor. Podredumbre. Almas vueltas del revés, tendidas a la brisa de la tarde. Velatorios. Resurrecciones. Esperanzas. Nubes tóxicas que emponzoñan el ambiente. Melodías. Tictacqueos. Rastros. Moho. Escáchame aunque ya no te está permitido hacerlo nunca más. Créeme cuando digo que siempre he soñado con este momento. Créeme cuando digo que siempre he estado aquí­. Créeme cuando digo que siempre deseó volver. Por favor, créeme. Créeme aunque ya no te está permitido hacerlo nunca más.

Producción: SrMundo
País: España
Año: 2006
Duración: 6′
Dirección: Juan Junquera
Reparto: ONE: Nathanjohn Carter
Fotografí­a: Benjamin Carter
Sonido: Benjamin Carter

Formato: 1920×1080 HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Ratio: 1:1.33
Soporte: DVD


Less is More
By arenhaun, Posted on Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thank you for making this film. It wasn’t so much what the film was about that inspired me as the way it was made. In a Samuel Beckett manner, we know from the first utterance of “Stephanie” that Stephanie isn’t coming. There were many other things that inspired me. Mostly, the patience of the film, not to rush the camera, the choice of location, the absence of any cutting, the resistance of using any close-ups, the acting was good, the sound was good (there was slight wind noise, but I was impressed by the clarity)everything in the film worked. None of these elements would have mattered if I didn’t feel that it took courage to resist trying to explain more of the narrative, use any clever camera movements, etc. Mostly I was impressed by the courage to slow things down, trapping the guy in his suffering so that finally we feel it too. I had no suggestions. I thought the visuals were good, too, I’m guessing some kind of HD. Thank you. What I meant when I said that it wasn’t what the film was about that inspired me was that I thought the subject matter was fairly standard, a guy suffering over love, but how it was handled was effective because it didn’t try to say anything more, and though it’s restraint ended up saying much more.

A Simple But Gripping Scenario..
By becs, Posted on Thursday, May 10, 2007

I liked the way that this short film grabbed my attention from the off and had me asking questions… what is the man running from? who is Stephanie? Where is she, what could have happened? Has a horrible event taking place or is the man insane etc… I found as time began to go by I felt genuine desperation for the character. As a short film in its own right, I think it is very effective, although towards the end it did become a little drawn out( although I hate to say that because I really did like the idea, I just felt it could have ended a little earlier to more effect, just my personal opinion though). As something which could develop into a longer story, I thought it had much potential… the suspense builds up effectively and I would love to discover what actually happened. I personally imagined the short as the possible beginning to a longer film… which could perhaps retrace its footsteps. I did enjoy the kind of cliffhanger ending though also, leaving it to the viewers’ imagination. Overall I loved the simplicity of the piece – the camera angle in the way it doesn’t follow the character around too much, watching the character in the distance and the silences, in particular, seemed to be effective. In one way you could comment that there isn’t much of a ‘story’ there in terms of plot and character etc, but I think in a way you are left to fill in the gaps – it encompasses the emotion of sheer desperation and suspense effectively.