You Look

You Look Ridiculous In That Makeup
2007, Curtametraxe // Shortfilm

Fake. Fake Ophelia drowned in the bathtub. Fake Hamlet scarred from black rivers of flowing make-up. Gone. Gone is forgiveness, emptiness, jealousy, cowardice. Destroyed. The remains. Death becomes you!

Falsa. Falsa Ofelia afogada na bañeira. Falso Hamlet cauterizado polos rí­os negros da maquillaxe corrida. Finou. O final é perdón, baleiro, ciumes, covardía. Destruí­do. Os desperdicios.
A morte mellórate!

Produced by: srMundo
Country: España
Year: 2007

Alpha: NathanJohn Carter

Director: Juan Junquera
Photography: ID Nespereira
Sound: DF Vieites
Post-production: Benjamin Carter
Production assistant: Yagoso Leichenstein
Costume Design: Nathan Carter

Format: DV
Screen Ratio: 4:3
Support: DVD
Running time: 9 mins approx


Official selection ENCUENTROS 08 CUENCA SPAIN

Official selection at FILMINHO FILM FESTIVAL 2008 PORTUGAL


Well done
By loveland, Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I couldn’t help but watch it twice. It looks good, I love that there is no artificial light. Good, strong actor. I felt his pain and his psychosis. I would like to know the backstory and what his plans are now. The sound was good. Nothing to really critique. Good joB.